June 26, 2024

A Blessed Nation


When you receive this month’s article, you will likely be gearing up for your Independence Day celebration. Summertime is a great season for get-togethers with friends and family as we celebrate being Americans.

Our hot summer days have expectedly returned. They pair nicely with a day trip to the lake or pool and provide an excuse for an escape to the mountains. But whenever we find ourselves at home or in the office, one thing becomes necessary this time of year – air conditioning.

Many of us depend on air conditioning, and the electricity that powers those precious AC units is a great blessing. However, having those conveniences come at a cost. This cost translates into more electric usage and higher summer electric bills, creating extra financial challenges for some members.

Helping our members prepare for and overcome those annual seasonal extremes is part of the Poudre Valley difference.

We are here to assist our members in wasting less energy and saving costs on their electric energy use.

The professional energy advisor team at your cooperative is one of the many resources available to members of Poudre Valley REA. This small but mighty team does an exceptional job determining where members are currently wasting energy and providing detailed recommendations on affordable improvements that maximize energy efficiency.

There is no cost to PVREA members for access to online energy audits, efficiency tips, and DIY home improvement resources. Coupled with our robust rebate offerings found on our rebates page, anyone will likely start saving immediately. We encourage our members to use these invaluable services. They have helped so many members realize how simple and cost-effective a few but important energy efficiency upgrades can be.

For members with AC or a qualifying heat pump, joining Power Peak Rewards is a great way to sit back and earn incentives while the program manages your energy use. Power Peak Rewards incentives will nearly offset the purchase of a new smart thermostat in the first year of participation. Beyond the program’s $30 annual bill credit and $50 sign-on bonus, when allowed to run on auto mode, a smart thermostat generally saves homeowners about 3-5% on their cooling and heating costs throughout a normal year. Explore our power peak rewards program here.

These energy solutions are just a small sample of all the resources available that add value to our members’ lives. Each program provides members with the means to retain more personal income for spending time with family and friends, traveling, and having fun over the summer. Please explore our website or download our mobile app for information on these and many other PVREA programs.

I hope we all remember how blessed we truly are as we celebrate our freedoms, privileges, rights, and all the opportunities afforded to us as citizens of this great country.  On behalf of everyone from your co-op, we wish you a Happy 4th of July.