Community Solar

Benefit from clean renewable energy, produced locally right here in Northern Colorado.

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Our Place, Your Power

Instead of going through the hassle of putting solar on your roof, including the large upfront costs often necessary, be part of your co-op’s community solar farm. Get energy produced by your subscription credited to your monthly bill.

Off-set some or all of your carbon footprint while helping us transition to a cleaner energy tomorrow.

Your membership in community solar is affordable, easy, and convenient.

Solar Panels


Solar Panels

Mega-watts (MW)


Mega-watts (MW)

Average Homes Powered Annually


Average Homes Powered Annually

Acres of Land


Acres of Land

Highlands Community Solar

This 100 kW community solar farm is located on the west side of Windsor, CO.

Constructed in 2012, it was the first community solar farm in Northern Colorado.

The array contains 500 photovoltaic panels and generates about 180,000 kWh per year.

Willox Community Solar Farm

This 500 kW community solar farm is located on the north side of Fort Collins, CO.

The Willox Community Solar Farm was constructed in 2014 and was our second community solar project.

The solar farm is fully subscribed with a total of 2,206 panels that generate more than 814,000 kWh per year.

Coyote Ridge Community Solar Farm

This 1.5 MW community solar farm is located on the west side of Fort Collins.

The site was chosen to use an area currently in the reclamation process at the Larimer County Landfill.

Your array was built by 300+ volunteers including members and PVREA employees who worked nearly 3,200 hours.

Pollinator-friendly plants grow beneath our panels, planted there by PVREA employees, the CSU Extension, and area high school students.

This site generates nearly 2.9 million kWh a year, powering nearly 300 homes.

Community Solar FAQs

  • What are the benefits of community solar?

    It’s for Everyone

    Shaded roof, live in an apartment, or other obstacle to rooftop solar? Community solar allows our members to participate in renewable energy, regardless of the set-up of their home or where they live. It’s perfect for renters who want solar energy.

    It’s Flexible & Affordable

    Our members came together to build one large central project to help reduce installation costs. The sizing is flexible, so you choose your level of interest to fit your budget. There’s no obligation so you can opt out at any time. You can save money throughout the life of the program.

    It’s Easy

    There’s no hassling with maintenance as we take care of that. There’s no equipment at your home or business. You see the credits and savings right on your electric bill.

    It’s Local

    Your panels are located right in our community. This project was built by your fellow co-op members, neighbors, and other community partners.

  • What does my subscription get me?

    When you enroll, it means you are getting a portion of the output of the solar energy the local community solar farm produces.

  • What if I can't afford it?

    If you are having trouble affording the one-time payment, members can opt into the Pay Over Time option. The $48 per panel initial payment is spread out over the course of 24 months at $2 per panel per month.

  • What if I rent?

    Anyone who pays their own electric bill to PVREA can participate in this program, regardless of housing. Renters, homeowners, and people who live in apartments, houses, condos, mobile homes, etc. who live within our service territory can qualify.

  • What happens to my subscription if I move?

    If you move within our service territory and are just transferring your account, your subscription will move with you. If you are leaving our co-op family, you can leave your community solar subscription at your old house for new co-op members. Contact us for more details on how to transfer your subscription.

Green Power Program

Our easiest, most convenient way to go green.

Our Green Power Program allows you to support renewable energy generated directly from your monthly bill. Simply opt in to our program and begin your investment in sustainable power.

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Our Power Portfolio

Local renewable production is an important part of our power portfolio.

We have three total community solar farms that provide clean, renewable energy for members. We also produce carbon-free energy from three utility-scale solar facilities and one hydroelectric facility located right here in our service territory.

Learn how we maintain a reliable source of electricity through balanced resources and cooperative partnerships.

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