Strategically Electrify Your Business

Power your business processes and operations with electricity instead of fossil fuels to increase energy efficiency, reduce pollution, and decrease costs.

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Your Electricity-based Alternatives

Strategic (or beneficial) electrification is the movement to replace fossil fuels with electricity-based smart technologies to increase your operation’s energy efficiency, reduce pollution, and can even be used to decrease operating expenses.

The energy needed to run your business has a big impact on the types of technologies you use and costs to your bottom line. If you’re curious about ways strategic electrification can help you optimize performance or even lower expenses, you’re in the right place!

As your trusted energy partner, your local electric cooperative is here to help you make sound business decisions.

Our Role in Your Success

We offer innovative programs and services along with industry leading knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Our rebates help offset the upfront cost of capital investments for your transition to electrical equipment.

We’re here for you whether you want to decarbonize your building’s heating and cooling needs, transition your fleet to hybrid or fully electric vehicles, upgrade to LED lighting, electrify your motors and drives, or satisfy other objectives.

Our Green Power Program guarantees the electricity you use is generated through verified clean power resources so that your use of electric products meets or exceeds your business sustainability goals.

Energy Efficiency in Your Building

Simple solutions can often lead to big savings.

Swap old light bulbs for energy efficient LEDs. Caulk and seal windows and doors to keep energy used on heating and cooling within your building. Program smart thermostats and water heaters to be efficient  in when they run and to what temperature they’re set.

When you’re ready to upgrade or want to see a bigger impact in your energy efficiency, we can help. Get information you can trust on high efficiency electric heat pumps, water heaters, and more.

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Applications include fleet management and customer centric services.

Have you considered the benefits of adding hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) to your fleet? From passenger sedans to electric forklifts, or even heavy-duty trucks and busses, EVs could save you operating and maintenance expenses.

Publicly available EV charging stations could be one way your business draws in customers or stands out from the crowd. Meet environmentally friendly consumers where their needs are, or promote your own sustainability efforts with them.

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Sustainability Goals

Today’s consumers more frequently choose to do business with environmentally conscious companies.

Our clean power programs can help you meet sustainability goals and support renewable energy or reduce your carbon footprint. Learn which business strategy might be best for you.

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Custom Projects & Rebates

Partner with your local co-op to leverage our expertise in electrification and knowledge of your energy use to optimize your business processes and technology. Explore unique rebate opportunities to extend your investment in strategic electrification.

We can help you understand what electricity-based alternatives could make a positive difference in your business. Take a deep dive into your energy use history and data to know your exact energy needs, calculate upfront investment costs and available rebates, and analyze long term savings or ROI.

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