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Interested in purchasing an EV and want to learn more? Or want to maximize your savings while owning an EV? We’re here to help!

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Smart Charging Rewards

Charge your electric vehicle and receive rewards for doing your part to help better manage our electric grid.

The power is in your hands to control when and how much you charge and you get rewarded for charging your EV during our DrivEV Rewards charging times.

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Rebates for Your Level 2 Charger

Sign up for our Time of Use rate and you can save up to $1,000 on the cost and installation of a Level 2 charger.
Standard rebates for Level 2 chargers are 50% of total equipment and electric service installation costs up to $500.

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More Rebates

Explore additional rebates for electric vehicles and chargers including publicly available Level II chargers, DC Fast Chargers, electric forklifts and pallet jacks.

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Electric Fleet Management & Public Charging Services

If you’re considering electrifying all or part of your business or commercial fleet, we can assist. Expand the EV charging infrastructure to serve customers while they visit your business by installing public EV chargers.

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Electric Rates Built for EVs

When you charge your electric vehicle at off-peak times, you get the added bonus of more affordable electric rates. See what options we have to maximize your savings while owning an EV.

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