Helping our students pay for their education, so they can go on and create a brighter tomorrow.

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Our Youth Are the Future

As a cooperative, we support education to enrich the lives of those we serve. We are proud to provide financial assistance to high school seniors who are furthering their education.

Application Period has Ended

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Scholarships Available


Awarded Each Year

Over $500K

Total Assistance Given

Available Scholarships


$2,000 Scholarships


$1,000 Scholarship


$500 Scholarships


$1,000 Luck-of-the-Draw Scholarship drawn for one high school senior in attendance at our Annual Meeting.


Scoring is based on 3 categories:


Based solely on academic achievement in school.


Based on overall achievements of extra-curricular activities, community service and grades.

Helping Hand

Scored on overall achievements, grades and financial need of student.

Who Can Apply

High school seniors who have been accepted for admission at any accredited college, university, community college, or vocational school. Applicants must be dependents of a parent, or consumers themselves, who currently receive our electric service.

How to Apply

It’s easy! Submit your online application before the deadline.

Application Period has Ended

Check back later to apply for next year’s scholarship opportunities.

Congrats to Your Kids, Our Winners
Aiden Adler Windsor High School
Jenna Batka Highland High School
Signe Bieganski Liberty Common High School
Emma Bryant Loveland Classical Schools
Calab Caciari Valley High School
Zoe Campbell Berthoud High School
Kenyan Clarkson Berthoud High School
Abby Dalrymple Fossil Ridge High School
Taylor Eskew Windsor High School
Cole Halley Platte Valley High School
Calvin Hawks Poudre High School
Chance Hill Thompson Valley High School
Holly Jaros Berthoud High School
Camille Kazian Windsor High School
Zane Kondratieff Fossil Ridge High School
Theo Kuehn Poudre High School
Ashley Launer Severance High School
Kylee Lynn Poudre High School
Kendra Maitland Berthoud High School
Nicolette Marty Berthoud High School
Grazia Novak Berthoud High School
Holly Robinson Rocky Mountain High School
John Rottinghaus Berthoud High School
Natalya Sauer Roosevelt High School
Erik Stern Thompson Valley High School
Ashley Sutton Berthoud High School
Zach Uyemura Platte Valley High School
Jacob Willits Mountain View High School

Our Cooperative Difference

Why do we support education and provide funds to help students continue their studies? As a local cooperative, we’re here to enrich the lives of those we serve and help develop our youth into the leaders of tomorrow.

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Other Youth Services

We’re proud to offer continuing education scholarships, free educational summer camps, classroom grant funding opportunities, safety demonstrations for groups of all sizes, and more.

Discover the many opportunities and resources available to our younger members and those who support them.

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