Electrical Safety Demonstrations

Keeping our community safe through energy education.

high voltage electrical safety demonstration

Community Education Services

We provide free electrical safety demonstrations as a service to our communities. As your local electric cooperative, it’s important we share our expertise with others to keep our members and community safe around electricity.

Understand energy basics, how to identify hazards, and how to keep yourself and others safe around electricity and electrical equipment.

Safety is Our Cornerstone

Electricity is something every person uses every day – whether it’s at home, on the job, at school, or while commuting. Electricity is one of the most dangerous things we use every day.

Despite our constant use of electricity, it can be easy for some to underestimate the inherent safety risks. Our electrical safety demonstrations are a great tool to educate the public about electrical safety and energy basics.

Let us share our expertise and knowledge with you, your children, organizations, classrooms, or groups.

Power Town

Our tabletop demonstration with live electricity depicts how electricity is used and what can happen if you don’t stay safe.


Energy basics and proper protection equipment (PPE) for electrical safety. Always look up when you’re near power lines. What to do if a car accident involves power lines. Call 811 before digging.


Request at least 2 weeks in advance. 15+ people in attendance. In or near our service territory.

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High Voltage Demonstrations

Our own lineworkers built this full-sized trailer display that has actual poles, transformers, and power lines. It demonstrates how electricity works and how power outages happen.


Energy basics and proper protection equipment (PPE) for electrical safety. How an electrical arc can happen. What causes your lights to blink. What an electrical contact can look like.


Request at least 4 weeks in advance. 250+ people in attendance is preferred. Only for outside events in or near our service territory. Approval is dependent on weather and staff scheduling availability.

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