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About Your Co-op

Empowering the lives of those we serve.

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The Cooperative Difference

As your local co-op, we operate differently than other types of utilities. We’re deeply rooted in the communities we serve – built by and for our members. To us, you are more than a customer – you’re a member!

Your membership in our cooperative provides you many unique benefits – like electric rates built for your lifestyle, rewards programs, access to our energy experts and more. We value you and your feedback, so come engage with us at our many community events throughout the year including at our Annual Meeting.

We also add value to your life in surprising ways. We return margins back to you as member credits instead of returning profits to foreign investors. You can access our many electric product rebates. And we routinely financially support non-profits, award scholarships, and provide grant funding for teachers.

7 Cooperative Principles

Voluntary & Open Membership

Voluntary & Open Membership

Membership in our cooperative is open to all persons who can reasonably use our service and stand willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, regardless of race, religion, gender, or economic circumstances.

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Democratic Member Control

Democratic Member Control

Cooperatives are democratic organizations controlled by their members, who actively participate in setting policies, making decisions, and electing representatives.

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Members’ Economic Participation

Members’ Economic Participation

Members contribute equitably to, and democratically control, the capital of their cooperative. At least part of our capital remains under the common property of the cooperative. We return profits back to you as member credits.

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Autonomy & Independence

Autonomy & Independence

Cooperatives are autonomous, self-help organizations owned by their members. We govern ourselves, for the betterment of our members, so that local priorities are reflected in how we do business.

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Education, Training, & Information

Education, Training, & Information

Education and training for members, elected representatives, co-op staff, and community partners help them all effectively contribute to the development and success of our cooperative. We support education in our communities in a variety of ways, which you can learn about by clicking the button below.

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Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Cooperation Among Cooperatives

We work together within our cooperative family of local, regional, and national partners to improve services, bolster economies, and deal more effectively with social and community needs.

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Concern for Community

Concern for Community

At Poudre Valley REA, we exist to empower the communities we serve and enhance your way of life.

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A Home for Residential Members

We’ve created a place for our residential members to quickly and easily find all the resources and information custom tailored for your needs.

Ensure your electric rate and billing options best suits your lifestyle. Find ways to optimize your energy use and even uncover how to help lower your monthly bill. Sign up for rewards programs. And more!

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Empowering Your Business

We’re here to help your business grow and flourish.

Find energy efficiency tips and tools to maximize performance and even discover ways to reduce monthly energy expenses.

Uncover the cooperative benefits you can access from your trusted energy partner.

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Our History

We were founded on October 2, 1939, when over 600 interested parties invested $5 each to start our cooperative.

Today our membership includes over 50,000 homes and businesses across three counties in Northern Colorado.

The ways we meet and exceed your evolving needs may have changed over time, but our commitment to our members and our community has not and will not ever change.


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