Your Green Power Program

The simplest way to support renewable energy and live a more sustainable life.

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How You Can Invest in Clean Power

Our Green Power Program allows members to support renewable energy generated from wind, solar, and small-scale hydroelectric power directly from your bill. Simply opt in to our program and begin your investment in green power.

For the average home, only $1.00 extra on your monthly electric bill invests you 100% in green power! The environmental impact of those few pennies is equal to planting half an acre of trees every year.

Program Details

Green power can be purchased in 100 kWh blocks for just 10¢ per block.

The average residential house uses about 1,000 kWh each month, so for just $1.00 more per month you can go all green.

There is no minimum or maximum amount you must purchase.

You can start or stop your investment in green power at any time.

Our 80 by 30 Goal

Learn more about renewables at your cooperative and how we’re advancing a clean energy transition.

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Community Solar

Benefit from clean renewable energy, produced locally right here in Northern Colorado.

Instead of going through the hassle of putting solar on your roof, including the large upfront costs often necessary, be part of your co-op’s community solar farm. Get energy produced by your subscription credited to your monthly bill.

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Rooftop Solar

For members interested in adding solar on your property, get the resources and information you can trust.

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