January 31, 2023

5 Ways to Save During Winter

Energy Efficiency

Beating the cold is no easy task — especially as we’ve seen multiple days of single-digit & negative temperatures. To help keep heating costs in check while still ensuring your home is a comfortable reprieve from the weather, we’ve included these money-saving tips for winter.

  • Mind The Thermostat — If you have a traditional heating & cooling system, set the thermostat to 68 degrees or lower. Consider a smart or programmable thermostat for additional savings.
  • Get Cozy — Add layers of clothing for additional warmth & snuggle up under your favorite heavyweight blanket.
  • Don’t Block The Heat — If your air vents or heating elements (like radiators)are blocked by furniture or rugs, your home isn’t being adequately heated.
  • Take Advantage Of Sunlight — Open window coverings during the day to let natural sunlight in to warm your home. Close them at night to block the chilly night air.
  • Block Air Leaks — Seal windows & exterior doors with caulk & weather stripping to improve indoor comfort & decrease the amount of energy used to heat your home.

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