December 28, 2023

Charging Into The Future


As the calendar turns to a new year, its pages brimming with potential, I’m energized by what’s to come.

Your team here at Poudre Valley REA has worked meticulously to craft a strategy map that outlines our Path to 2030. Rooted in the cooperative principles and our commitment to deliver on our mission of providing you safe, reliable, efficient energy solutions with exceptional service; this strategic blueprint is our pledge to navigate the challenges of the ever-evolving energy landscape while staying true to the reason we exist – to empower you.

Our Non-Negotiable Cornerstone

Safety is paramount in everything we do. Our strategy map places top safety performance at the forefront of our operations. We are committed to implementing robust safety measures, fostering a culture of vigilance, and investing in training and equipment to ensure the well-being of our workforce and the communities we serve.

We’re Here for You

Delivering exceptional member service is the bedrock of our cooperative identity. Our strategy map reinforces our commitment to anticipate and exceed your expectations. We aim to enhance our member engagement initiatives, streamline communication channels, and implement innovative energy solutions to ensure that your experience with your cooperative is exceptional and our product adds value to your life.

Safeguarding Your Cost of Power

Affordability is central to our mission. Our strategy map reflects our dedication to providing our members with the lowest cost, highest quality electric service. Through doing more with less, operational efficiencies, and prudent financial management, we will strive to continually provide some of the lowest electric rates in the state of Colorado without compromising the reliability or service you deserve and expect.

Building Tomorrows Today

Our strategy map positions us as your utility of the future. We’re actively planning for increased electrification efforts and decentralized power generation as our industry transitions in the years to come. We are embracing pioneering technologies and solutions to ensure the electricity we deliver you remains among the most reliable in the country so you can reliably have power when, where, and how you need it.

Empowering Our Team for Success

A high-performance culture is integral to our cooperative’s success. The employee team here at Poudre Valley REA provides us with our largest competitive advantage. Our strategy map acknowledges the importance of fostering a workplace where invention, collaboration, and continuous improvement thrive. By promoting a culture of accountability, and recognizing excellence, we empower our team to deliver exceptional business-oriented results that also uphold our deeply held cooperative values.

Our strategy map is not just a document — it is our shared commitment to a brighter tomorrow. And by proactively planning and setting our path, we’re both meeting the needs of today and positively shaping the energy landscape for generations to come.