September 29, 2023

Exceeding Expectations: The Poudre Valley Difference


“Exceeds expectations.” Several years ago, well maybe more like many years ago, my kids always combed their grade-school report cards for EEs, which signified they had attained the coveted “exceeds expectations” rating in aspects of school life that couldn’t be assigned a letter grade. As they grew older, those EEs turned into As and Bs. I hope none of my kids ever lose that desire to exceed expectations in all that they do.

At your local cooperative, we also strive for EEs, every single day. We don’t want to only do what you expect us to — provide you with affordable, safe, and reliable electric service. We want to go further and do far better by providing superior member service, offering programs that help you save time and money, and delivering more to the communities we serve.

Our linemen are often the public face of our mission to exceed your expectations. They routinely work in rough weather and put in long hours. But they do it gladly, because they deeply care and are committed to doing an exceptional job for you.

We also have many other people behind the scenes that make our co-op the best it can be. Our goal in serving you is to not only provide power to your light switch, but to also make sure our member service exceeds your expectations when compared to other services you use at home — such as your cell phone, cable TV, or internet.

Our member services representatives want to make sure you have a positive and satisfying experience when you contact your co-op. When you call, you can always talk to a live person, not just a voice recording. If you prefer to do business online or outside of traditional business hours, our website and mobile app provide convenient payment options and access to resources and information any time.

Our engineers continually explore new technologies and work through our Construction Work Plan to improve service reliability. For the last decade, we have spent millions of dollars per year on projects to improve our system performance and overall reliability. One of the areas of focus was a concentrated effort of improving performance by separating circuits into more and smaller sections, known as “sectionalizing” in our industry.

We continually work on keeping our operational costs in check and your electricity affordable. As a not-for-profit co-op, we’re not in the business of making money. We’re in the business of delivering electricity to you in the most affordable way we can. We are proud that PVREA continues to have some of the lowest residential rates not only in Colorado, but in the nation. In the coming months, you will hear more from us on how we are working to incorporate an increase from our wholesale provider and continue to keep your electricity at a great value.

Whether it’s addressing a power outage, conducting an energy assessment, answering billing inquiries, or hosting community events, we are committed to earning those “exceeds expectations” ratings from you every day. This is the Poudre Valley difference — an unwavering dedication to exceeding your expectations and delivering exceptional service to you, our valued members.