May 25, 2022

Faces, Places & Voices Of Poudre Valley REA – Tom Smith

Human Interest Stories

We met with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith of Berthoud, Colo. and talked over their recent purchase of a new electric riding lawn mower. Tom’s the first PVREA member to receive
a rebate for one, and he was willing to share his story with us and his fellow members.

Tom discussed why he considered going all-electric, what made him pull the trigger, and why other members might buy similar products.

Here is what Tom said were his two motivating factors that lead him to purchase his electric riding mower

  1. The uncertain future of gas prices.
  2. The minimal maintenance required.

Tom did the math, and with a $1,000 rebate from PVREA it made all the difference.

“I burn 5 to 10 gallons of gas a week mowing. At $4 a gallon, I figure over a 5-year period it’s over $2,400, and that’s about half of what this thing costs,” Tom explained. “The Poudre Valley rebate brought that price down considerably, so it’s a lot more cost effective.”

On convenience, Tom commended his mower’s easy maintenance. He doesn’t have to change the oil or worry about storing, spilling, or smelling like gas. Likewise, there is no carbon monoxide since there is no combustion. He doesn’t have to maintain belts. And it’s easy to remove the deck to sharpen blades.


Tom jokingly said, “the only reason why I bought it is for the cupholders.” But in all seriousness, it goes to show the detailed features his electric riding lawnmower has to offer and the lengths manufacturers go when considering how best to design a user-focused product that meets all your needs.

The EGO Power+ 42-inch Zero Turn Riding Lawnmower is a marvel of technology. The specs alone make it comparable to combustion engine mowers, so readers shouldn’t want for function.

The 42-inch cutting deck might not give you the largest cutting circumference out there, but at a top speed of 8 mph you’ll cover ground quickly. Four 10.0Ah 56-volt ARC lithium batteries come standard, with room to fit two more. That’s enough juice to mow over 2 acres, which Tom says took him 2.5 hours as he learned to operate the mower, and he still had 7% battery left!

EGO boasts the industry’s fastest charger, simultaneously charging four batteries in just 2 hours, 4 times faster than competitors. It plugs directly into a standard 110-volt outlet. And the batteries can be used in over 50 EGO Power+ products.

His new mower gives him 4.5 inches of clearance, a competitive advantage for this model as others only offered a top height of 3.5 inches.

Besides cup holders, Tom now gets 360-degree LED lights, ultimate comfort in his adjustable hydraulic seat suspension, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, storage, and more.

Plus it’s quiet. Noise comes from the turning blades and blower, not from internal combustion. Sounds to us like safety for your ears and those around you!

Tom’s Recommendations

Tom recommended identifying what type of work you need for your property. Larger properties, bigger projects, or specialized tasks might require gas-powered products. But for your average yard’s maintenance, Tom say’s, “I’m sold on the fact that electric is the way to go.” And we couldn’t agree more!

“Back in 1973 thereabouts I bought a Black & Decker electric mower — a cord mower. And you were always watching out for that cord!”

But things are different today as technology makes cords a thing of the past. Now electric products compete with gas-powered products and may offer added benefits that make your life more affordable or convenient.

Our Recommendations

If you’re interested in learning more about electric products and how they could enhance your life, visit with us in-person at any one of our many events this summer. Or you can also find useful information on our website

Remember to take full advantage of our rebate program! We offer incentives for a variety of electric products if you submit applications within 90 days of purchase. Details, restrictions, rebate amounts, and applications can all be found at