August 30, 2022

Make Your Monthly Payment Easier With Pay As You Go Prepaid Billing


We sat down with one of our members to learn why they chose our prepaid bill payment solution — Pay As You Go. Instead of paying for your electricity after you use it, you can prepay on your bill ahead of time.

Here’s why Andrea, from Severance, said Pay As You Go is the right decision for her family. Andrea first heard about prepaid billing when her she started her service years ago. She recalls her setup was easy, but any member can start Pay As You Go at any time by going online to our Payment and Billing page.

“We are a family of six,” Andrea explained. “For us to budget better and not have such a big amount all at once, a prepaid account was the way we wanted to go because we pay as we go.” It’s that simple — choose the amount you would like to pay and get an alert when your account is running low on funds.

“I get a notification when our account is low, and I literally go in and pay,” said Andrea. Text and email alerts come straight to you, so you know exactly how much you’re spending on electricity.

Use our PVREA App to make payments, see real-time energy use, and more. “I use your mobile app and it’s amazing!” Andrea said. “It’s very helpful.”

Andrea revealed her favorite things about Pay As You Go were using the free app to manage her energy and not having a huge chunk of money come out of her account all at once. When asked if she would recommend prepaid billing to other members, Andrea said “absolutely.”

Could Pay As You Go be right for you? Find information and resources online at our Payment and Billing page.


Benefits of Pay As You Go

  • No deposit required
  • No late fees
  • No reconnect fees
  • Easier budgeting