August 30, 2022

Message from the President & CEO – Our Commitment in Uncertain Times


As a member-owned electric cooperative, our mission is clear. We exist to serve you and we place a great emphasis on holding ourselves accountable to your high standards. We are continually looking for ways to improve while delivering you with a reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean source of electricity.

Meeting & Exceeding Your High Standards

At your cooperative, our goal is to provide you — our members — with the highest level of service at the lowest possible price. That’s not an easy feat to accomplish in the current economic climate, but that is where our focus will remain.

Historically, if you look at the price of the electricity we bill you, it has decreased by 2.8%, meaning you now pay less for electricity than you did in 2013. With the cost pressures we all see around us, it is amazing your co-op has been able to lower rates, twice in two years! While cost drivers are impacting your co-op, we will continue to focus on providing you great value.

As your not-for-profit cooperative, we aren’t driven by high margins and profits. Instead, we work to cover costs and return any margins back to you. We recently announced $2 million returned to our members in the form of member credits. That’s injecting capital into our communities at a time when we need it most! You can read more about member credits on page 7 of this issue.

The same high-performance standards are evident in the reliability of our system. Our objective is to provide you with best-in-class reliability as we power your homes and businesses. This year we are seeing our best reliability metrics on record, due in part to our strategic investments and by designing a system with technology to focus on continual improvement.

Last and never least, is our employee team’s performance with safety. For the second year in a row, we were recognized as the Safest Co-op in Colorado by the Colorado Rural Electric Association. We have surpassed our previous record for days away from last lost time accident. And in our annual safety observation put on by our national trade association and in partnership with statewide and cooperative leaders, we scored a Strong Performance rating in every single category yet again.

Since you don’t have to be sick to get better, we put our shoulder to the load and keep our eye on the future to live out our mission of making the quality of life better for all our members.

As always, on behalf of our employee team here at PVREA, thank you for your membership and continued engagement in your cooperative! You make our jobs possible by allowing us to serve you.

Jeff Wadsworth Headshot

Jeff Wadsworth
President & CEO