January 31, 2024

The Poudre Valley Difference: Our Employees


Many of you are probably gearing up for the big game and already have a favorite to win.

Millions of people will tune in to watch the Super Bowl. Some may be there for the commercials, the half-time show, or as an excuse to eat all the chips and dip. But I think another reason we watch year after year is we connect with the players on the field. Their struggle to be champs rekindles our own internal flame that ignites our passion to win and to prove we are great, if not the best, at what we do.

Yet once those lofty goals are met, it doesn’t mean we are finished or that there will not be challenges. Even the smallest falter can cause that ‘winner’ label to slip away, and it can become increasingly more difficult to get it back. The Denver Broncos are a perfect example; they haven’t earned a berth in the playoffs since the 2015 season, their last Super Bowl.

To me, the true challenge of achievement lies in sustaining it. Once we have proved we can win, our work to remain successful has only just begun.

“Getting There Is One Thing; Staying There Is Another.”

At Poudre Valley REA, we look at many benchmarks to ensure we are meeting and hopefully exceeding your expectations. Among them, we look at our costs and expenses, our service reliability, and our membership survey.

This past year, we reached our highest level of success in all three of these important categories. We have the lowest residential electric rate of any cooperative in Colorado. We are in the top quartile of reliability metrics measured across the nation. And we were recognized as obtaining one of the top five satisfaction scores among Touchstone Energy cooperatives in Q3 of 2023.

While we are proud of these achievements, we know our work has just begun. There will be numerous challenges and conditions outside our control as we work to meet our strategic goals. And we know there is enough uncertainty in the future that even our best plans will have to be frequently re-evaluated.

The key to overcoming the challenges ahead is the work done by the Poudre Valley REA employees on a daily basis. I learned a long time ago that the most crucial point of emphasis for any organization should be training, equipping, communicating with, and empowering employees to do what they do best – and for us that is taking care of the needs of our membership.

Our ability to provide reliable and affordable electricity to our members is at the forefront of the Poudre Valley difference. Making this happen behind the scenes is a dedicated and talented group of employees who wholeheartedly believe in our why of providing exceptional service to our members.

We look forward to making you proud to be a member of Poudre Valley REA.