May 30, 2023

Thunderstorm Safety Tips


When thunderstorms are rolling your way, stay safe with these helpful tips from the American Red Cross.


  • Watch for signs of a storm, like darkening skies,
    lightning flashes, or increasing wind.
  • Listen to local news or NOAA Weather Radio for
    emergency updates.
  • If thunder roars, go indoors! The National Weather
    Service recommends staying inside for at least 30
    minutes after the last thunderclap.
  • If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, take
    shelter in a substantial building or in a vehicle with the
    windows closed. Get out of mobile homes that can
    blow over in high winds.
  • Avoid electrical equipment and telephones.
    Use battery-powered TVs and radios instead.
  • Do not take a bath, shower, or use plumbing.
  • Postpone outdoor activities if thunderstorms are likely
    to occur. Many people struck by lightning are not in the
    area where it is raining!
  • If you are outside and cannot reach a safe building,
    avoid high ground; water; tall, isolated trees; and metal
    objects such as fences or bleachers. Picnic shelters,
    dugouts, and sheds ARE NOT safe.

Source: American Red Cross

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