April 27, 2023

What Is Your Co-op’s Cornerstone


To us, safety means constantly protecting the people behind the power – the members like you reading this article who live and work at the end of our lines as well as the men and women who work behind the scenes.

When we think safety, that’s who we think about. And it’s worth doing everything in our power right now, day-in and day-out, to ensure each one of our members, employee team, and community at large remain safe around our system and when using our product.

After all we’re your local cooperative. We’re here to serve your needs, be your trusted energy expert, and a good employer of your friends and family.

One way we keep our members and community safe is by offering electrical safety education, so you and your family understand how to stay safe around electrical equipment and recognize what to do in an emergency involving electricity.

Here are some resources we offer our members and community.

  • Read one of our many online safety blogs and articles.
  • Request an electrical safety demonstration for your group or school.
  • Ask us about safety trainings for local law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, or other first responders.

To keep our employee team safe, your co-op leads the charge in adopting best-in-class safety measures. We have an internal safety team to help facilitate safety conversations and disseminate information to the entire employee group. We routinely participate in safety training and certifications, both as individuals and as an entire co-op. And we were recognized as the safest co-op in Colorado for two years in a row by our statewide association.

In 2018, we began participating in the Commitment to Zero Contacts initiative which was designed to help eliminate serious injuries and fatalities due to electrical contact. I am proud of your cooperative’s employee team for adopting a truly active role in their own safety culture by being one of the first co-ops in the nation to pilot Phase II of this commitment.

Our very own Tanner Hayes, Working Foreman, has stepped up to the plate to lead our employee team and help guide other cooperatives on the journey of further enhancing safety culture and practices through the second phase of this initiative.

Safety is the cornerstone of your cooperative because it sits at the center of all that we do. It is the chief foundation on which we have built your co-op. As we build from a safety-first perspective, everything else we do truly does have a firm foundation to be built on.