New Commercial & Large Load Service

As your local energy expert, we're here to help design your new electric service to meet your future energy needs.

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Where to Start

First confirm your new property location does not already have electric service. If it does, complete our Start Service Application.

If your property does not currently have electrical service, make sure your address is within our service territory.

For new electric services in our service territory, continue with the steps below.

Small Business & Commercial Projects

Builders, contractors, and commercial and industrial developers have access to our member resources. Together, we can power your new project.

Get the safe, reliable, and affordable power you need with the added value of your cooperative membership. We’ll work with you from design to completion.

Subdivisions & Commercial Developments

You’ll work hand-in-hand with our energy experts to connect your new project.

Necessary for new residential subdivisions, industrial and multi-use parks, and other large electrical load requests.

Steps to Start Service

  1. Contact us during business hours to start the conversation. Be sure to have the service address or parcel number available.
  2. Depending on your energy needs, you may be required to submit a completed Large Load Inquiry Form along with a completed Motor Data Form, and other requested information to determine feasibility of service.
  3. One of our Energy Experts will schedule a field meeting to determine the requirements and location of the electric service.
  4. The service will then be designed and the member will be provided with an estimate.
  5. Once the estimate is paid, we will work with you to get various paperwork filed and procedures in motion leading up to scheduling construction.
  6. The service will then be scheduled with construction, and later it will be built.
  7. You must then have an inspection performed by the authority having jurisdiction, typically the city or county in which the property resides.
  8. Once we have received notification of a successful inspection by the authority, a meter will be set, and the service will be energized.

Your Rebates

We have rebates for small business owners, new construction builders and contractors, residential developers, and even for our large commercial and industrial members. Find information on rebates for LED lighting projects, motors, drives and more.

View all the rebates you can apply for as a member of your local electric co-op. Or contact us for custom commercial rebate possibilities.

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Your Best Electric Rate

We have numerous electric rates to fit your lifestyle.

Explore your options to decide what rate matches your energy needs and budget.

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About Your Co-op

Learn about your local electric cooperative – who is committed to providing you, our members, a safe, reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean energy with exceptional service.

You can also get to know some of the many benefits of your cooperative membership.

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Contact Our Engineering Team

Reach our Engineering Department for questions regarding building or remodeling.