Commercial & Industrial Motor Rebates

Commercial & Industrial Motors

The following items purchased by and installed for co-op members are eligible for a PVREA rebate.

Maximum $20,000 rebate per member per year.

Submit your complete rebate application within 90 days of purchase.

Final invoice(s) must include the member’s name and address of installation, the order purchase date, and the total cost.

Rebates are typically processed in 6-8 weeks and either applied to your next billing cycle as a credit if rebate is under $250 or mailed to you as a check if rebate is $250 or more.

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We have rebates for all our members – residential members, small business owners, new construction builders and contractors, residential developers, and even for our large commercial and industrial members.

View all the rebates you can apply for as a member of your local electric co-op.

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