January 31, 2023

CEO Viewpoint: Sustaining a Reliable Electric Grid


One of the things I love about Colorado is the four seasons we get to experience. And Old Man Winter sure has shown his face around Northern Colorado this year. With the cold temperatures, snow, and shorter days, I’m reminded of the value in electricity

Our connected lives are increasingly dependent on more electricity to function. Not only for the necessities – like heating our homes on these cold wintry nights – but also to power all the new technologies we have come to rely on.

Lately you are probably hearing about the reliability of our electric grid, especially as we remember the failures in some areas of our country. Add to that the myriad of natural, political, and economic impacts and you can begin to see the complexities inherent in managing our electric grid

But to us, that is exactly what you’ve entrusted us to do. As your local electric cooperative, we’re committed to taking this challenge head-on. Click here to read more about our connected grid. I invite you all to come to our Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 1, to learn more about how we’re determined to not only meet but exceed your evolving needs – including the reliability of the grid.

We ended 2022 with our best reliability metrics on record. These metrics measure the average outage duration, how many service interruptions one member might experience, and the average restoration time. All three showed positive improvements thanks to the dedication and hard work from our team and we are continuing to place a strategic focus on improving reliability.

Speaking of our team, let’s not forget our crews who were out during some of the coldest days our area has seen in decades! I am constantly impressed by your co-op’s team and their willingness to go above and beyond to serve you, our members. I hope their commitment shines through to you their commitment shines through to you as well.

Last month this column was focused on the need for resource adequacy legislation and the importance of safeguarding the dependability of our electric grid as we work through a national energy transition. We remain focused on this important legislation and are working with fellow electric cooperatives and utilities to ensure all electric providers in Colorado are held accountable to deliver reliable electricity. I encourage you to join our Cooperative Voices group to stay in-the-know and take action when there is legislation that could impact your cooperative. Sign up today on our Cooperative Voices page or text GOCOOP to 52886.

We take pride in being your trusted energy partner. Whether you have questions about energy efficiency, your bill, or the changes going on in the electric industry, we are here to help. You can reach us via email at communications@pvrea.coop, online at www.pvrea.coop or by calling 800-432-1012. I look forward to seeing you in person at our Annual Meeting on April 1.