February 13, 2024

Common Scams & How To Avoid Them


We’ll occasionally get reports of scammers throughout our service territory — these scammers work to get money and information or sell a product to our members. These scammers will often say they work with Poudre Valley REA in hopes of gaining a members’ trust, but will arrive in an unmarked vehicle, in clothes without our logo, & have no available identification linking them back to our company.

In order to help our members avoid these scams, we’ve put together a list of common scams we’ve seen in the past & the best way to avoid them.

Threatening Disconnect Unless A Third-Party Payment Is Made

Scammers will urgently press that unless payment is made right then & there to a third-party system, a member’s power will be shut off. They’ll claim that a payment was missed or there was an issue with the bank. From there, the scammer will state that the only way to ensure late fees, other penalties, or power being shut off entirely can be avoided, is with an immediate payment. These payment requests can range from gift cards to sending money to an unknown account.

  • Always check your online account OR call our offices to confirm if a payment was missed.
  • Payments should always be made through your online account, in person at our office, by mail, through our dropbox, or over the phone if you call us first.
  • We’ll never ask you to make payments in alternative ways (Ex – gift cards).
  • We will NEVER call members in person to threaten disconnecting power.
  • We will NEVER demand immediate payment over the phone.
  • Any calls we make will be automated and will request for you to call in to manage your account.

Asking To See Your Bill

Scammers have been known to request to see a member’s bill in hopes of gathering personal information that they can then exploit later on. The scammers will imply that by seeing your bill, they can confirm energy usage and save you money.

  • PVREA employees will NEVER ask to see your bill.
  • NEVER show your bill to anyone at your door, as they can get personal information from you.
  • If you have bill concerns, always call in to ask us — we are able to help with any questions regarding your bill or high energy usage concerns.


Offering Discounts On Your Bill

While saving money is always a welcome sight, scammers will employ deceitful tactics in the hope that you’ll give personal info in exchange for savings. These scams typically revolve around offering a discount on a member’s bill if they provide their credit card or other personal information.

  • The only discounts we offer are when you participate in one of our programs – such as our managed central air program, Power Peak Rewards, or our EV charging incentive program, DrivEV Smart Charging Rewards.
  • PVREA employees NEVER directly reach out to members to collect payment, personal, or billing information.
  • If you are looking for ways to reduce costs on your bill, you can check out our page on home energy management or give us a call to schedule an energy audit.


Requesting Access To The Inside Of Your Home

Needing access to a member’s property to access our equipment, trim trees around powerlines, or ensure power is properly going to a home is a common part of our workflow. But there is rarely, if ever, a reason for us to enter a member’s home. Scammers who say they’re with our company and require access to the inside of your home are doing so for nefarious reasons.

  • We do not go door-to-door offering energy audits, as energy audits are only by appointment only.
  • We will always do our best to inform our members if PVREA employees are working in their area.
  • If we need to access a member’s property to reach our equipment, we’ll work with the member to ensure they’re aware of this need.
  • If you are unsure if the employee is legitimate or not, always call our office first before allowing them access.


Too Good To Be True Solar

Solar is a hot topic lately, and solar scammers have come up with a variety of stories to oversell the capabilities of solar production. From the ability to entirely get rid of your energy bill to partnering directly with us, solar scammers will use deceitful tactics to oversell solar equipment. While solar panels could be an appropriate addition to your home depending on your energy needs and future plans, it’s important to ensure you understand their actual impact prior to signing a solar contract.

  • Before purchasing solar panels, be sure to talk with our energy resources department to ensure you understand the actual impact the solar panels will have on your energy bill.
  • NEVER show anyone your energy bill, even if they claim there’s solar information available on the bill.
  • Adding solar panels to your home will NEVER fully get rid of your bill, as facility charges and fluctuations in solar production exist.