September 29, 2023

Faces, Places & Voices Of Poudre Valley REA – Energy Outreach Colorado Contributors

Energy Efficiency Human Interest Stories

Cooperative principle number seven says: “At Poudre Valley REA, we exist to empower the communities we serve and enhance your way of life.” Every month, our members exemplify this principle by donating to Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC).

This program helps those in need pay their home electric bills. Our members can easily donate through their bill, with 100% of their donation going to the EOC. We talked to some of our members and asked what motivates them to donate to this program.

“I am an OLD person (81 years and counting) and have lived my life with help from my friends, family, and others,” Tom H. said. “Therefore, it’s time for me to “payback” the good fortune that has helped me get to this old age, and just thinking about my good fortunes because of other people makes me smile!!! The secondary reason is that my career was in (electrical) engineering, and I can’t imagine a thing that affects people more, such as electricity. It affects their home, work, leisure, etc., so helping other persons with this part of their “needs” is just Global. Everything depends upon it!!!”

“I am a firm believer in energy conservation, and I think part of this program makes substandard buildings more energy efficient,” said Sue W. And she’s right! The EOC helps with free energy efficiency upgrades through their CARE program, and they work with local and state agency partners to help households across Colorado. Learn more about EOC services for individuals by clicking here.

“I like winter,” Sue W. continued, “but I can’t imagine being really cold in my own home because the thermostat temp was held at 60 degrees or something! I wear sweatshirts and wool socks in the winter, but hate being chilly just watching TV. I want to help families with children, those around my age (79), and disabled folks have the comfort of heat and the healthy environment of air conditioning in our increasingly hot summers.”

These donations go a long way to ensuring that everyone has access to energy when they need it, and we appreciate all of our members who support this program!

You can set up a one-time or recurring monthly donation to Energy Outreach Colorado on their website. To do so, visit

For members who receive a paper bill or mail in their payments, you can donate directly to Energy Outreach Colorado by filling out the corresponding section on the back of your bill. Any donations made through your paper bill will be a one-time donation.