August 1, 2022

Faces, Places & Voices Of Poudre Valley REA – Empower Grant Winner Amanda McCosh

Human Interest Stories

We donated an Empower Grant to Amanda so her middle school students could build electric guitars. They learned about technology, the science behind electricity, and made sweet, sweet music. Here’s what they had to play….or we mean say.

“The key thing students are learning with this project is being able to experiment with the circuits and find out what kind of music they can create.” – Amanda

We believe learning about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math are crucial to developing a proficient student — someone who one day we’d like to hire! We invest in supporting education to enhance the lives of students we serve so they can go on and be leaders in our community.

“Completing the circuits in different ways make different sounds. We can piece them together in different orders to create songs.”
– Knowledge Quest Academy student

Learning can be fun! We’re glad we could support such an engaging and educational project. If you or a teacher you know are interested in funding for classroom STEAM projects, find details online at