June 29, 2023

Faces, Places & Voices Of Poudre Valley REA – Sabrina Borg

Human Interest Stories

Your cooperative proudly supports the Larimer County Fair and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Rodeo Royalty Program. Our continued donations to the Queen’s Scholarship Fund Partnership help us live out Cooperative Principle No. 5 — Education, Training & Information.

Sabrina Borg is this year’s Queen. Her family planted their deep roots in Mead, CO after moving from Charlotte, NC when Sabrina was five.

Shortly thereafter, Sabrina was attending rodeos across the state where she quickly discovered the Queens. “I pointed at them, and I said, ‘Dad, I want to be one of them!’”

She got her start as junior princess for the Rooftop Rodeo in Estes Park. “We call it a tourist rodeo because so many people go up to Estes to be tourists and then they find out about the rodeo,” explained Sabrina. “Then we get to educate them about our western way of life.”

That experience certainly helps Sabrina now, as the Larimer County Fair and PRCA Rodeo draw crowds close to 100,000 over the 5-day affair.

“Since I’ve been in Larimer County 4-H seven years now,” Sabrina explained, “I wanted to give back to my community by being Queen to represent 4-H, the Rodeo, and the Fair.”

The Larimer County Fair and PRCA Rodeo Queen is responsible for being the goodwill ambassador for the PRCA Rodeo and the Larimer County Fair. But they also represent our western way of life and the communities who have continued those traditions over the years.

“Being here and having all the community support is the most amazing and gratifying thing,” she said. “People want to support you and people want you to become part of this western life because it’s such an amazing way of life and the community is always there for you.”

Sabrina gets to share her experiences and passion with attendees, participants, volunteers, and partners. Children’s interactions especially can be pivotal by impacting their decision to pursue a lifelong relationship with rodeo, ranching, and agricultural involvement.

“It’s just a full circle moment truly,” Sabina said. “I’m able to make this impact on someone just the way someone did for me. And I hope one day that they can go on and make the same impact I made on them to another person.”


Sabrina also talked to us about some big anniversaries. The Larimer County Fair celebrates its 140th, the PRCA Rodeo celebrates its 75th, and The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland celebrates hosting both for the past 20 years.

“The fact that we have all of these anniversary years and everyone is so supportive of it is incredible,” she said.

Since 1879, the Larimer County Fair has a long history of providing entertainment and fun to residents and tourists. Activities have included livestock parades, biplane rides, hot air balloon parachuting, horse racing, exhibits, and more.

But what hasn’t changed in 140 years is the community comradery and support that continued the Fair into the 21st century.

75 years ago, the Rodeo started as a ranch rodeo where anyone could enter. Today, it’s one of the most premier rodeos in Colorado.

The Rodeo Royalty program has a long history as well. Donna Haussermann was selected as the first rodeo queen in 1951. The first community sponsored rodeo queens were often chosen for selling the most rodeo tickets.

The Ranch officially began in 1998 with the help of longtime Fair advocates, numerous 4-H families and friends, and local taxpayers. Today it still offers a premier platform to showcase 4-H and hosts a variety of other events.

“It’s like a home away from home,” Sabrina said. “They’re so welcoming to us and it’s amazing how much support they always give us.”

With the addition of new 4-H Youth and Community Building, the county has signaled to everyone the value we put on agriculture and how much it will continue to impact our way of life here in Northern Colorado.

“It’s amazing to see all the younger kids who are in any of the 4-H clubs and they’re so excited and they have so much passion for what they do,” Sabrina said. “If we continue to support them, give them a platform to grow, and give them the opportunity to grow then we’ll continue on for a hundred more years!”


  • 7/15 Pageant – crowning the next generation
  • 8/4 Happy Trails Queen’s BBQ – first event of the Fair
  • 8/5 Meet n Greet at the Fair Anniversary Party
  • 8/6–8 PRCA Rodeo

To purchase event tickets or learn more, go to https://www.treventscomplex.com/larimer-county-fair/royalty