November 29, 2023

Faces, Places & Voices Of PVREA: Co-op Cares Ambassadors

Human Interest Stories

The newly developed Co-op Cares program establishes a framework for the participation of employees as brand ambassadors for Poudre Valley REA and the cooperative business model.

Co-op Cares is designed to harness the collective power and knowledge of our employees to share with our members, elevating your member experience. You, as a member, benefit from meeting different people throughout the cooperative each who have different skillsets and expertise. The employees who participate in Co-op Cares benefit from additional facetime with the membership, learning your diverse and unique ways in which you use our products and services.

To date, Co-op Cares has contributed greatly to the PVREA membership!

  • 400+ member interactions
  • 166 hours worked
  • 8 total events

Read what two employees had to say about why they joined Co-op Cares and what it means to them to engage with you, our members.

JARED H., Facility Coordinator

Why’d You Join Co-op Cares?

I have heard, “If you want to find happiness, make someone else happy.” I really enjoy interacting with members at events. I try to put a smile on all our members face who visit our booth.

What Does It Mean To You To Interact With Our Members?

In my role as Facility Coordinator, I do not have an opportunity to interact with many members often. I have had a chance to engage with members when I volunteer for events, and I have really enjoyed myself. It was upbuilding to hear feedback that our mission statement was not just a message on our wall but is what our members are experiencing through their service.

What Has Been Your Favorite Part About Being In Co-op Cares?

I would say the Rist Canyon Mountain Festival has been the highlight of my experience so far! It was so awesome to hear members share their gratitude about how PVREA takes care of our members. About 60% of our booth visitors came up just to tell us how happy they are to be members.

HOLLY W., Member Service Representative

Why’d You Join Co-op Cares?

The program reminds me why I work here — to be able to work more in our community. I get to see and meet more members in person and educate our members and others about PVREA and what resources we can provide.

What Does It Mean To You To Interact With Our Members?

Participating in the Energy Wise Family Fun Fest was fantastic. I believe it made that community feel like we are more than just their electric provider. That we appreciate them as members and want to assist them in being more energy efficient.

What Has Been Your Favorite Part About Being In Co-op Cares?

Co-op Cares Brand Ambassadors is a fantastic program that makes me feel like I am part of something bigger. It allows me to feel like I am making a difference in our members’ lives. I enjoy educating our community, whether they are a member or not, about PVREA and what our co-op is all about!