March 30, 2023

CEO Viewpoint: Life of a Lineman


You’ve probably seen our line crews out in your neighborhood – either working on routine system maintenance and construction or battling against the elements to restore service after hours.

Your cooperative’s lineworkers keep your power flowing 24/7/365 by maintaining almost 4,500 miles of line across 2,000 square miles of our service territory.

A lineman’s job isn’t glamorous, but it is essential to the life we all live that’s so dependent on electricity. Without their commitment to our communities, we would certainly be left in the dark.

Their job isn’t an easy one either; it can be heavy in more ways than one. They must be physically strong enough to carry heavy equipment in full personal protection equipment up poles that can climb as tall as 80+ feet.

The long hours, often facing adverse conditions in difficult terrain, combined with the ever-present danger of working near high-voltage power lines can take a mental toll as well. Did you know, their profession is listed in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US?

But the moments with family that are missed while on-call or during a large outage demonstrate the true spirit of these heroes in hardhats. They pick up and go at a moment’s notice to return your service. Imagine getting called out late at night during a bad winter storm, or in the middle of your daughter’s soccer game, or right as you sit down with your family for dinner. These are the times when our lineworkers exemplify their commitment to keep the fire in the line.

And that is why we celebrate Lineman Appreciation Day on Tuesday, April 18.

Your cooperative’s lineworkers who, alongside the rest of your co-op’s dedicated employee team, help provide you and our other members the safe, reliable power you can depend on.

Please join us in recognizing our lineworkers on April 18, and every day you see them in your local community, as we celebrate the hard work and sacrifices these men and women make for our way of life here in Northern Colorado.

Follow #ThankALineworker on social media to see how others are recognizing lineworkers, or tag @PoudreValleyREA to share your thanks with our crews.