January 31, 2020

Message From The President & CEO: 80 By 30 And Tri-State’s Responsible Energy Plan

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It’s a fascinating time to be in the electric utility industry, with changes happening at a rapid pace. Our members are the heart of this co-op, guiding our decisions and sharing their voices as we plan for tomorrow and continue working toward our 80 by 30 goal – to provide 80 percent carbon-free energy to our members by 2030.

Tri-State G&T, our wholesale power supplier, recently announced details to their Responsible Energy Plan. The plan illustrates how Tri-State will be an increasingly clean and flexible power provider, along with setting goals and pathways to comply with state regulatory requirements.

The key components of Tri-State’s plan include:

  • Reducing Emissions – Closing all coal plants operated by them in New Mexico by 2020 and in Colorado by 2030.
  • Commitment to Community and Employees – Committed to address the impacts of this transition by working with affected employees and communities with state and federal officials. Developing, funding, and implementing educational and economic solutions will be at the forefront.
  • Increasing Clean Energy – Bringing additional wind and solar resources online by 2024, meaning 50% of the energy consumers use will come from renewables by 2024.
  • Increasing Local Flexibility – Allowing for more flexibility for local self-generation.
  • Looking Forward to a Brighter Future – Striving to maintain or reduce rates and to support a goal of 100% clean energy in Colorado by 2040.

Over the past several years, your Board of Directors urged Tri-State to proactively adapt to the changing energy industry. While we are encouraged by this progress, we also have deep concerns for the impacted employees and communities. On a personal level, I watched as my father directed the closure of a large mine many years ago near Leadville, Colorado. My family experienced firsthand the outcome this had on the entire region, community, and families. Tri-State has acknowledged the impact of these decisions on communities and employees.

Tri-State’s Responsible Energy Plan is a critical step and a major milestone in PVREA’s 80 by 30 goal. Increasing local flexibility is something PVREA will continue to petition Tri-State to ensure this is a reality of their plan. We are focused on meeting our 80 by 30 goal without raising rates while maintaining the reliable and safe service you have come to expect.

Learn more about PVREA’s 80 by 30 goal at www.pvrea.coop/80by30. We’re making significant headway and positioning our co-op for even more progress in the future. Stay tuned.

Jeff Wadsworth Headshot

Jeff Wadsworth
President & CEO