May 29, 2024

Shaping Our Energy Future: Innovation & Collaboration


At Poudre Valley REA, we are committed to leading the charge in championing technologies that prioritize reliability and affordability as the electric industry undergoes a transformation with a strong focus on sustainability.

We are actively leading this transformation through a two-pronged approach: innovation and collaboration.

Embracing Innovation

Innovative technologies hold potential to enhance the lives of our members when they are implemented and managed effectively.

We are spearheading the integration of large utility-scale battery storage systems with our renewable resources to reduce energy costs and diversify our energy sources. Additionally, we are actively developing a residential battery management program to seamlessly integrate member-owned batteries and behind-the-meter generation into our rapidly evolving system.

We take pride in our national leadership regarding microgrid technology, with a successful installation in Red Feather Lakes. Building on this success, we have aggressively pursued grant funding to construct two additional microgrids in our service territory, further bolstering our local area’s energy resiliency.

Our multi-year fiber optic communication project has allowed us to detect power quality issues or interruptions sooner, enabling quicker responses and power restorations. The project has also set the stage for third-party internet service providers to lease our fiber backbone and further high-speed broadband internet availability in our area.

Collaboration is Key

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration to achieve our shared goals.

By forging partnerships with other energy providers, industry experts, and government bodies, we are driving the development and implementation of sustainable solutions within the industry.

However, we recognize that our most vital collaborators are our members. Your active engagement is essential in reducing energy consumption, managing costs, and saving money.

You can actively collaborate with us by participating in energy-saving programs, providing feedback, and staying informed about our demand response programs.

Our demand response programs operate as a two-way street. We can better control our production, distribution, and energy costs by managing real-time energy use. You are rewarded with credits to lower your monthly bill in return for your participation.

Some popular demand response programs include our Power Peak Rewards and DrivEV Smart Charging Rewards.

Power Peak Rewards is suitable for members with qualifying home cooling systems. DrivEV Smart Charging Rewards offers monthly bill credits for charging electric vehicles during our preferred times.

Together, let’s create a more reliable and affordable local power grid for Northern Colorado as we confidently shape our energy future.