May 29, 2024

Summer Savings are Here to Stay

Energy Efficiency

With the first day of summer arriving on June 20, air conditioning use is set to soar.

While that blast of cool air is tempting, it can lead to higher energy bills. By implementing some simple strategies, you can reduce your reliance on AC which may lessen your monthly energy bill.

  • Use curtains or shades to block warm sunlight. Open windows at night for natural cooling.
  • Regularly maintain and clean your home’s cooling system to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.
  • Program your smart thermostat to your current schedule.
  • If you do not own a smart thermostat, consider installing one from Nest or Ecobee. You could qualify for up to $100 in rebates per smart thermostat!

Join our Power Peak Rewards program for even more savings!

Get rewarded to use less energy when others are using more! PVREA members with central air conditioning or a heat pump and working Wi-Fi can participate. Members will also earn a $50 sign-on bonus and an annual $30 bill credit!

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