April 28, 2022

Use Back-Up Generators Safely

Education Safety

During long-term power outages, many members might rely on portable generators for emergency power. The growing popularity of portable generators has resulted in millions being placed in homes and small businesses across the nation. But it’s estimated only a small percentage are hooked up correctly. Is yours?

We urge members to understand the proper safety steps that must be taken in order to keep you and our lineworkers safe around your generators. Improper installation or use could threaten the lives of you, your family, friends, neighbors, and electric utility crews trying to restore service.

Here’s how you can ensure your generator is safe:

  • Maintain adequate ventilation.
  • Never plug a portable generator into a wall outlet or connect directly to a home’s wiring.
  • Turn off generator and allow cooling before refueling.
  • Protect your appliances by turning off or disconnecting them before you begin the generator’s operation.
  • Use proper extension cords.
  • Remember maintenance between uses.

Read more about generator safety and ensure yours is safe.