April 27, 2023

We Need Your Help To Stay Safe


Safety sits at the center of all we do here at Poudre Valley REA, and we let the principle of “see something, say something” guide us. Whether the issue is minor or major, any time someone notices something that may be a safety risk, we want to hear about it so we can correct it.

By reporting issues to your cooperative, you can help us maintain our system and keep you and your family, your neighbors, and our community safe around electricity. When you’re out for an early morning or evening stroll, keep an eye out for damage to padmount transformers, overhead electrical equipment, or other issues on our electrical system. If you notice any damages to our equipment, submit a non-emergency service requests online here. You can even include a photo! Remember to contact us if you are without electricity or there is an immediate safety concern.

Vegetation can also creep into our rights-of-way despite our best efforts to keep limbs and branches at bay. If you notice trees, bushes, or even shrubs encroaching on our distribution lines, let us know so we can keep power flowing safely and reliably. We do vegetation management on a three-year rotation throughout our service territory. Members can submit a vegetation management request online here. To learn more about our tree trimming, safe vegetation planting practices, and other safety tips, view our tree and power lines page.